Athletic Eligibility Rules

Sanderson High School strictly adheres to North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) eligibility rules and regulations. To be eligible to participate in athletics, students must meet certain requirements. There are so many eligibility rules, it is impossible to list them all here. Some of the most important ones are--


Students interested in participating in high school athletics in the 2013-2014 school year should familiarize themselves with the following general regulations, academic and attendance requirements, and athletic policies.  Listed below are the sports offered.

Fall                                                        Winter                                                                   Spring

Football - boys - V/JV                         Basketball - V/JV                                                                Soccer - girls - V/JV

Soccer - boys - V/JV                            Wrestling                                                               Softball - girls - V/JV

Volleyball - girls - V/JV                       Gymnastics - girls                                                Baseball - boys - V/JV

Cross Country                                      Swimming                                                             Tennis - boys

Tennis - girls                                          Cheerleading - V/JV                                            Golf - boys

Cheerleading - V/JV                            Indoor Track                                                        Track

Golf - girls                                                                                                                              Lacrosse

*   Unless noted, sport is offered for both boys and girls.

** V - Varsity                       JV - Junior Varsity

NCHSAA First Practice Dates – Fall (August 1), Winter (October 30) except Indoor Track (November 11), Spring (February 12)

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for tryouts, practice, or participation in interscholastic athletic contests, a player must meet all North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) and Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) eligibility requirements and policies:


·         Must not participate if he/she becomes 19 years of age on or before August 31, 2013.


·         Must follow NCHSAA rules, which have an 85% attendance requirement (approximately 13.5 days) for the previous semester and includes all absences. 

·         WCPSS requires the athlete to be present the entire day in order to participate in activities or practices.


·         A student, upon first entering grade nine (9), is academically eligible for competition on high school teams.  All requirements must be met the first semester (fall) in order for this student to be eligible for athletic participation the second semester (spring). 

·         Must meet promotion requirements at their school to be eligible for the fall semester.

·         Must earn passing grades in five subjects, or three for block schedule schools, or six for schools on an A/B form of scheduling, during each semester in order to be eligible for participation during the succeeding semester.  Seniors must meet this requirement in order to participate in athletics during the spring sports season of their senior year.

·         WCPSS also requires a cumulative overall grade point average of 1.5 or above.


·         Must participate at the school to which he or she is assigned by the local board of education based on the residence of the parent or legal custodian within the administrative unit.  The athlete must live with the parents or legal custodian.  According to WCPSS Board Policy 6201 a “legal custodian” is a person or agency awarded legal custody of a child by a court of law. 

·         Must be a properly enrolled student in a member school of the WCPSS district, must be enrolled no later than the 15th day of the present semester, and must be in regular attendance at that school.

Medical Examination

·         Must receive a medical examination once every 365 days by a duly licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant.

·         Must be released by a licensed physician if absent from athletic practice for five or more days due to illness or injury.

·         Athlete and Parent/Legal Custodian must read the Concussion Information Sheet and sign the Concussion Statement.

Other NCHSAA Requirements

·         Must not participate at the high school level for a period lasting longer than eight consecutive semesters beginning with the student’s first entry into grade nine or participation on a high school team.

·         Must not participate at the high school level for more than four seasons in that sport (one season per year).

·         Must not be convicted of a felony in this or any other state, or adjudicated as a delinquent for an offense that would be a felony if committed by an adult in this or any other state.

·         May not play, sit on the bench, or practice if ineligible.

·         To maintain amateur status, the athlete must not accept money or awards having utilitarian value (golf balls, clubs, tennis rackets and balls).

·         Must not have signed a professional contract, played on a junior college team or be enrolled and attending class in college.

Other WCPSS Policy

·         May not participate in practice or play if assigned to In-School Suspension (ISS) or Out-of-school Suspension (OSS).

·         May not participate at a second school in WCPSS in the same sport season.

·         Students enrolled and attending WCPSS high schools without interscholastic athletics will have the opportunity to participate in athletics.  For each school without interscholastic athletics, the Superintendent/Designee will assign a school for athletic purposes.

·         Students granted a voluntary transfer away from the choice school shall not participate in athletic activities for 365 days.  In order to participate in athletics, the student must fill out the “Appeal for Athletic Participation for Transferred Students” form, and the appeal must be approved.


Students or parents with questions about the eligibility rules should contact a coach or athletic director Tony Lewis.

Earning the SHS Varsity Letter

Preface: The criteria for earning the SHS varsity letter have been established by the members of the Sanderson High School coaching staff. A philosophy underlies the criteria. The coaching staff believes that, for students at our school, earning a varsity letter should require evidence of commitment to team and expertise in sport. Measuring expertise is not a science. Nonetheless, we have well-defined standards for the sake of uniform decision-making. The criteria are set according to standards the coaching staff believes are high, yet reasonable. The policies are intended to encourage students to persevere toward the goal of earning the varsity letter rather than to discourage or belittle anyone who fails to attain the standards. All coaches are invited to participate in the process of adopting and amending the criteria. Suggestions for change must be recommended by a coach and are adopted only upon approval of a majority of the full coaching staff.

I. General Policies

  1. Varsity athletes who remain as members of the team in good standing throughout the full season are eligible to earn a varsity letter, subject to the provisions below.
  2. Senior athletes who have participated in a given program (varsity or junior varsity) for at least three years shall receive a varsity letter.
  3. Injured athletes who meet the playing time criteria for the contests held up to the time of the injury may receive a letter.
  4. A student-trainer will receive a letter after his/her second season of service. This will be done under the direction of the Faculty Trainer and the Athletic Director.
  5. Managers who have held the position for at least three seasons in the same sport may earn a letter. Only those who, in the judgment of the coach, have made a significant commitment of time and effort shall be awarded the letter.
  6. Any student involved in the athletic program who does not receive a letter will receive a certificate of participation.
  7. In cases of extenuating circumstances, exceptions to the standards listed below are permitted with the approval of the coach and the athletic director

II. Playing Time Criteria for each Sport (regular season events)

  1. Baseball & Softball: participate in 50% of innings played
  2. Basketball & Football: participate in 50% of quarters played
  3. Cross Country: must earn 20 points per season...points awarded per meet are 9,8,7,6,5, 4,3
  4. Women Golf: Must average a 55 in 4 matches druing the season
  5. Men Golf: participate in 50%of team matches played
  6. Gymnastics: compete in 60% of the team's meets AND score an 8.0 or above for a routine during the season
  7. Soccer: participate in 50% of halves played
  8. Swimming & Diving: Compete in 80% fo the meets AND score in two events in the county/conference championships meet OR achieve individually a regional time standard (consideration or automatic) set forth by the NCHSAA.
  9. Tennis: participate in #1-6 flite singles or #1-3 flite doubles for at least 50% of the matches played
  10. Track & Field: score at least 18 points during the season in competition against opponents
  11. Volleyball: participate in 50% of the games played
  12. Wrestling: participate in 50% of the team's matches
  13. Cheerleading: varsity members must cheer in at least 87% of the games and attend 86% of the practices during the combined fall and winter seasons in a single academic year.
  14. Lacrosse:

Adopted: Fall 1983 Revised: Fall 1987, Fall 1988, Fall 1989, Spring 1990, Fall 1991, Fall 1994, Fall 1995, Fall 1996, Fall 2000, Spring 2002, Spring 2005, Spring 2010,Spring 2013

SHS Parent Brochure

Please click on the following link for the SHS Parent Brochure for all information dealing with Ethics, Sportmanship and Parent coach communication.  Click Here