Sanderson High School Athletics Mission Statement

Athletics plays an important part in the life of Sanderson High School students by teaching life lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, and competition. We believe that the opportunity for participation in a wide variety of student-selected activities is a vital part of a student's educational experience. Such participation is a privilege that carries with it responsibilities to the school, to the activity, to other students, to the community and to the athletes themselves. Through athletic competitions we seek to improve school spirit and help students develop pride in their school and community.

Athletics Announcements / News

The 2013-2014 sports season has concluded.  Congrats to all of our Spartan Athletes this year.

 The Truth about Recruiting:

National Signing Day - Sanderson High School - 2013- 2014

Todd Laughlin - Baseball Coach,  Connor Baldy - Baseball: Pfeiffer,   Daniel Dulaney - Baseball: UNC Greensboro, Matt Koehler - Baseball: Western Carolina


Todd Worley -Soccer Coach, Amy Owens - Soccer: Western Carolina,  Michael Clemons - Soccer: Campbell,  

Chris Mumma - Swim Coach,  Noah Franz - Swimming: NC State




Mike Shaw - Basketball Coach, Parker Fennema: Basketball, West Point

Ben Kolstad - Football Coach, Marvin Motley - Catawba College, Antwuan Eliott - Campbell University

Raymond Hammond - Track coach, Kayli Nichols - UNC Wilmington

Mike Shaw - Balketball Coach,  Hunter Kuehn - Hampden Sydney

Todd Worley - Soccer Coach, Ryan Turner, Eli Grimes

Inclement Weather Hotlink

Who ya gonna call?

There's a game scheduled for later in the day, it's raining and you want to find out whether or not the game will go on. What to do?  We try to "make the call" by 2:00 PM on days when the weather is "iffy." You can check the website under " make-ups" to see if the game has been cancelled and rescheduled.   Please wait until 2:00 PM to for the latest up dates.

Please note that we only attempt to announce postponements or cancellations of GAMES, not practices.
Note: Whenever school is closed or closes early due to inclement weather, no athletic practices or games are permitted that day, with or without a coach, on or off campus.

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Plans for Upcoming Sports Seasons

Your source for information about upcoming seasons, optional summer programs, tryout and practice dates, forms, and more.

We Want You on Our Team! A general description of the Sanderson Athletic Program with a focus on 2013-2014.

Sanderson Athletic Championships

These lists of past conference and state championships won by Spartan teams are as accurate as possible. If you think any are missing, please contact the athletic director.

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The Real Truth About Recruiting and becoming a college athlete: