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Senior Breakfast and Parade - Class of 2015
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Senior Breakfast and Parade - Monday, August 25th
Rising Senior Students
  - Class of 2015

August 25th @ 6:00 AM at Trinity Baptist Church on Six Forks Road 
followed by a Parade through the neighborhood to Sanderson.

We need your help to make this memorable for our students!

To sign up, go to:

Also  join the Class of 2015 Yahoo Group
Just send an email to: shs_2015_parents-subscribe@yahoogroups.com (2 underscore and 1 dash)

Note: The breakfast is for the students only but we would love parent helpers to be there!

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SHS 2014-15 Daily Schedule
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Download the daily schedule calendar for the 2014-15 school year.  You can get more information on the changes from Dr. Decker in this video.

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Academy of Finance
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The Academy of Finance is accepting applications! This is an opportunity to be part of a one-of-a-kind program. Make friends, go on field trips and explore the exciting world of business. The Academy of Finance is an inclusive program that you can do along with other extracurricular activities. Submit your application to Ms.Melton.  Applications are available at www.shsaof.weebly.com.

Rising Senior Families - We need your help NOW!
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Rising Senior Families  - Class of 2015
We need your help now for the Senior Breakfast and Parade.

To sign up, go to:

The Senior Breakfast and Parade will take place on the first day of school, August 25th.  

You will receive more information about this event in the mail.

If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Jones at cmj61@nc.rr.com


Class of 2015 Communication
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If you would like to be involved and informed about your child's Senior Events, join the Class of 2015 Yahoo Group
Just send an email to: shs_2015_parents-subscribe@yahoogroups.com (2 underscore and 1 dash). 
Mention you are a parent or student in the SHS class of 2015.


If you have any questions or problems joining, contact Cindy Jones at cmj61@nc.rr.com

Walk Your Schedule - August 20th
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Walk Your Schedule
When: August 20 2014

Location: Sanderson High School
Come to school and walk your new schedule. This is an opportunity to get used to your class locations prior to the first day of classes. Meet the Teacher night will be held in September, and is a time for you to actually get to know your students teachers. We look forward to seeing you from 9:30-11:30am on August 20, 2014 for Walk Your Schedule. 


Attention AP Human Geography Students
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Attention all students enrolled in AP Human Geography this upcoming year. Your summer work was hand delivered to you as last semester ended. There are 5 assignments contained within. The first simply involved you emailing me so I might have an address to reach and so that you might gain access to the Edmodo code for this class. As of today, July 15, FIVE of you have begun your summer work. DO NOT wait until you receive your schedule to begin your work. You WILL NOT finish in time.  Contact me as soon as possible.

Christopher L. Story
History Teacher


Drive One 4UR School
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Drive One 4UR School

Biggest fundraiser for Academic Booster Club for the YEAR!

August 20th from 9-1 by the Spirit Rock ---same time as walk your schedule!

Sanderson receives $20.00 for EACH person in the vehicle who tests drives a ford.

We can have up to four people at a time in a vehicle by filling up the cars we get you in and out quickly on your way to work!

Minimum age requirement is 18

Remember we only get credit one per household



AP Calculus Summer Assignment
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If you are taking an AP course next school year, you may have a summer assignment.  Please see attachment.


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AP English III - summer assignment
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Please see attached. 

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AP European History summer assignment
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Please see attached.


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AP Spanish Summer Assignment
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Please see attached. 

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AP Art Summer Assignment
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AP Summer assignments:

You need to consider these projects, not sketches.


1-      Two visits to a museum, gallery, or art exhibit. You must obtain a brochure or business card. Write a one-page analysis of your experience for each visit. Then create a work inspired by one of your visits. You must describe in at least a paragraph how your work incorporates what you saw without copying it (Minimum size 12”x 16”, 3 hour minimum)



2-      Write at least a paragraph about what you want to do for your concentration and why you chose it. There are examples of different concentrations in the description of the different portfolios on the AP website. Make sure you choose something that you have a true interest in. You will be creating 12 artworks based on this theme. You want to think deeper than just “landscapes” or “portraits”. These are too broad. Focus on a specific aspect of a broad subject such as: summer vacation landscapes in different seasons or portraits of friends exhibiting different emotions.


3-      Two finished drawings/designs/sculptures based on your concentration. (Minimum size 12”x 16”, 6 hour minimum for each.) You must have 4 compositional and 1 final sketch for each. Also write a brief statement about how each specifically relates to your concentration.


If you have any questions about any of these, please see me before the end of the year. You can also email me at: jmstevenson@wcpss.net during the summer, but I only check this email once a week. I will be traveling some over the summer and will not always have access to email. DO NOT wait until the week before school starts to do these!!! I will be able to tell by the lack of quality in your work. These works will be your first grades of the 1st term.


All works due to me the 1st day of school!!

AP US History Summer Assignment
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Please see attached.

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Yearbook Mug Shots
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When you get your schedules this summer, parents and students please make sure to check your schedules carefully because whatever grade appears on your schedule is the grade where you will appear in the yearbook.  Contact the Main Office immediately if you notice your grade level isn't correct. 

Parking Application and Regulations Now Available
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Forms for students to apply to park in the SHS parking lot are available on the Student Services Forms page.

Bus service for the 2014-15 school year
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Please share with families new to WCPSS or families who will start riding the bus in 2014-15. 
Current bus riders do not need to take any action.

WCPSS Communications
Bill Poston
(919) 431-7816

For Immediate Release | May 30, 2014

New practices begin today to provide better bus service

WCPSS will put new practices into place beginning today for the 2014-15 school year with the goal of improving yellow bus service for families.

Families new to Wake County enrolling in school and current families who will be first time users of bus service in 2014-15 will be required to request transportation service. The requests must be completed approximately one month before the start of school to receive first day service.

Cutoff dates for first day service

  • Year-round calendar schools regardless of track assignment must enroll and request bus service by June 6 to receive first day service.
  • Modified calendar schools must enroll and request bus service by June 25 to receive first day service.
  • Traditional calendar schools must enroll and request bus service by July 21 to receive first day service.

For families who are eligible for transportation and request services after the cutoff date, first day bus service is not guaranteed.  Requests received after these cut off dates will be processed in the order received. Transportation will make every effort to provide service using existing bus stops as quickly as possible.

Impact on families
Families currently enrolled in WCPSS who are using bus service and eligible for bus service next year will automatically be assigned transportation to their address of record and need take no action.

Families who want to ride the bus next year, are not current riders and are eligible for bus service next year should go to www.wcpss.net/busrider starting today and request transportation services.

Starting today, families new to WCPSS can request Transportation service as they enroll in school. They should enroll as soon as possible and request transportation before the cutoff dates listed above for their school calendar.

Why make this change?
Beginning the planning process with accurate ridership will help Transportation planners provide superior bus routing. This should provide families better bus service from the start of the school year. Routes for known riders will be set for the first day of school. Bus drivers will no longer have to wait at stops for families who don’t plan to use the service and will practice set routes to be ready for the first day of school. With superior routing, buses will travel less distance saving money on fuel and maintenance.



AP English IV Summer Reading Assignments
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Your summer reading assignments are ready!  Please see the letter on the SHS website for details, and visit the class website (www.turnerenglish.com) for the other materials.  Send me an email (Lturner5@wcpss.net) with questions.

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PTSA Board for 2014-2015
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2014-2015 Sanderson High School PTSA Board

President: Carla Smith carlasmith@nc.rr.com

VP of Communications: OPEN

VP of Programs: OPEN

VP of Fund-raising: Carla Popson carla.popson@gmail.com

Secretary: Anne Mueller kmueller001@nc.rr.com

Treasurer: Kirin Wylie kirinwylie@gmail.com

Coffee Chat: Amy Wilson awilson146@nc.rr.com

Grounds: Brian Smith cs8342@att.com

Hospitality: Jeannie Pope and Carol Salapek jpope2@nc.rr.com and csalapek@nc.rr.com


Membership: Liz Gale and Lisa Berwyn liz.gale@earthlink.net and lpoov@earthlink.net

School Improvement Team: Kris Johnson kljohn5@aol.com

Volunteer Coordinator: Katie Coffman ktcoff@nc.rr.com

No Fuss: Linda McDonaldandylindamcd@bellsouth.net

Sales: Graduation Signs: Melinda Dickinson 846-8607 mmdmtd@yahoo.com

Braided Bread: Carla Popson Carla.popson@gmail.com

Spirit Nights and Corporate Sponsors: Carla Popson Carla.popson@gmail.com

Store cards (i.e VIC) and Corporate Sponsors: Missy Hartleymghart64@yahoo.com

If you'd like to fill any of the Open Board Positions, please contact Carla Smith carlasmith@nc.rr.com

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